Freelance Paid Search / Paid Social Expert at Medbelle


Freelance Paid Search / Paid Social Expert

Contract in Berlin, DE - Remote OK - Senior - Marketing

My name is Leander and I am one of the co-founders here at Medbelle, where it is our mission to build the first digital hospital.

First of all, let me tell you what Medbelle is all about.

The healthcare system as we know it can often be inefficient, disorganised and overstretched. Its complicated administrative processes contribute largely to its struggle to keep up with rapidly advancing technology, resulting in bad experiences for both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

As the first digital hospital, we are rebuilding the healthcare experience for elective medical procedures (mostly surgery) from scratch. This is what allows us to provide patients with an outstanding level of care that we would love to experience ourselves.

Backed by renowned international investors, we are providing an ever-growing number of patients with the highest quality of care the UK has to offer. Having grown from a few visionary early employees to a growing post-Series A company in a short period of time, we are now looking for expert(!) freelancers to support our growth in paid channels.

Freelance positions

We are looking for absolute experts in their field who can guide an experienced paid marketing team to the next level with their experience.

  • AdWords expert with a focus on bidding optimisation (value optimized bidding / ROAS bidding (Facebook and Google Ads)
  • Paid Social Expert to build up social from scratch (specifically testing different campaign concepts and rolling out proven ones)

Big plus

  • Strong experience with paid new user acquisition for a B2C business with high order values and long funnel conversion times
  • Experience with the application of conversion value prediction to improve bidding
  • Experience with Facebook / Google policy restricted products, specifically healthcare (due to e.g. limited retargeting options, strict ad creative rules)

We are looking forward to working with you!